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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 2  Chapter 1 , 2, &3 Behaviour: Includes what people do and say- things we can see objectively. Involves the activity of an organism at any level- most of the research is based on animals although the focus is on humans “Level” – neuronal activity, behavioural activity. Behaviour mod -origin: very recent, 100 years: smallest silver -searching why we behave the way we do not from genetics standpoint but from environment standpoint. How the ENVIRONMENT (PHYSICAL OR SOCIAL) impacts the person. Behav mod: its all about how we can change ourselves and others. Definition • Is the field of psychology concerned with the analysis and modification of human behaviour • involves the systematic application of learned principles and techniques to assess and improve an individual’s covert and/or overt behaviour in order to enhance their functioning Behaviour: It is NOT static “Actions” vs “States” e.g., Being manic “Process” vs “Product” e.g., Academics Behaviour is all about activity-what’s taking place. Its not static. States are static. Behaviour involved in states such as manic: fast speech processes, staying up all night etc. This course focus on the activity themselves because unable to change the states. “states” are usually labels for ease of communications. Product: is the goalstate i.e getting a 4.0. If we want to get to the goal, focusing on the process is necessary for getting there. i.e studying It can be observed, described, and recorded- has to be objective. Should be measurable and recorded by the person or others.Has an impact on the environment-
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