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Chapter 6 Working Memory Working memory replaces our concept of short term memory. It is best to abolish short term memory from our memory. Working memory 1. How is working memory used in cognition? 2. How did the modern view of working memory arise? 3. What are the elements of working memory? 4. How does working memory work in the brain? 5. How might views of working memory change in the future? If working memory were a capacity of a computer, what component might it correspond to, and why? Working Memory: the memory system responsible for the short term mental storage and manipulation of information. Analogy: In a computer, there are two means by which information is stored: Hard Drives RAM Which of these two is most like LTM? WM? Working memory is most like RAM, while LTM is most like hard drives. In RAM, information can be brought into a work space temporarily but quickly, to manipulate and compute, and then when you are finished, you can wipe RAM clear and put new information in. A hard drive is slower to access and the representations put there are intended to stay there, and not be wiped out. The central executive controls what happens in the different storing systems. RAM does not have something like the central executive. Therefore, RAM as working memory is not entirely correct, because our WM does have a central executive.
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