Space perception

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

SPACE PERCEPTION AND BINOCULAR VISION Eye Movements6 muscles controlled by cranial nervesOculomotor controlDifferent eye movements How do we achieve spatial constancy Why talk about eye movements in a course on perception Fixationssaccades relieverefresh retinal photorreceptors too prevent too much adaptationTo move foveavisual fieldEye movements are secfcally designed for vision most other moevements are not as specialized To optimize vision Eye movements six muscles are attached to each eye and are arranged in three pairsInferiorsuperiorlateralmedial rectusInferiorsuperior oblique Eeyemovement involve the rotation of the eye ballDimensions of Rotations UpdownLeftrightTortional2x3 six posssible rotationsTrochlear hook Controlled by 3 cranial nervesCranial nerves innervate the eye muscles3 occulomotor nerve originates in occulomotor nuceus in midbrain ipsilaterally innervates almost all of the eye muscles except for two 4 trochlear nerve originates in trochlear nucleus contralaterally innervates superior oblique muscles 6 abducens nerve originaltes in abducens nucleus ipsilaterally innervates lateral rectus musclemoves eye away from nosetemporally Extensive networkFrontal eye fieldsparietal cortex Superior colliculus Structure in midbrain that plays important role in initiating and guiding eye movementsWhen stimulated with electrical signals eye movements can be observedEye movements are controlled by the cerebral cortex we make conscious eye movements Cenetrs for eye motor control frontal eye field parietal cortexsuperior colliculi and basal ganglia
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