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lecture 4 exam review

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George Scott

PSYB5712WW04The Acquisition of Memories and the Working Memory SystemthMIDTERM EXAM Saturday Feb 18 13 pm in the gymLearning Objectives1Explain the concept of working memory and how it fits within a computer metaphor 2Explain the AtkinsonShiffrin modal model of the relationship between shortterm and longterm memory Why is it called the modal modelAtkinsonshiffrin model modal model suggests that short term memory serves as the gateway by which info gains access to long term memoryaThe most used and cited model bNot used todayThe modal model is proven wrong because patients with parietal lobe damage short term memory impairment were still able store info in long term memory like normal people3Explain the BaddeleyHitch model of working memory which involves the central executive the phonological loop and the visuospatial scratchpadBaddeleyhitch modelsystem consists of two short term stores and a control systemExplains the truefalse model Primary function of storage is to enable complex cognitive activities and not en route to long term memory Theres a central executive system that governs the storing and removing info from short term storage Has two diff short term buffersphonological loop verbal info and visiospatial scratchpad visual info 1Compare and contrast various phenomena related to the phonological loop phonological similarity effect wordlength effect and articulatory suppressionPhonological similarity effectwhen items simultaneously have to be serially recalled performance is poorer than when they are phonologically the same sound the sameWord lengthwhen the words are long it takes longer for our mind to say it and therefore takes longer to rememberArticulatory suppressioninhibition of memory while speaking and having to say something in our mind like an item to remember
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