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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 1The development of neuropsychology LD hit his head when drunk and was unable to multitask taste and smell He was easily agitated and ended his 4 year relationship with his gf He went back to golf which he was able to do well Poor scores of attention and memory Neuropsychology the study of relation between behaviour and brain function Brain hypothesis the brain is the cource of behaviour Neuron hypothesis the idea that the unit of brai structure and function is the neuronNeuronnerve cell The Brain Hypothesis What is the brainbrain old English word for tissue found within the skull figure 11Hemispheres almost symmetrical halves of the brain If you make your right hand into a fist it will resemble the left hemisphere Cerebrospinal fluid the basic plan of the brain is a tube filled with this salty fluid It cushions the brain and may play a role in remiving metabolic waste It has bulges outwards and inwards Cerebral cortex outer feature of the brain that consists of crinkled tissue expanding from the front of the tube to the rest of the braincortex in latin means bark Gyri folds of the cortexSulci the creases between the gyri in latin it is trench Some large are called fissures Longitudinal fissure divides the two hemispheres Lateral fissure divides each hemisphere into halvesThe cortex of each hem Is divided into four lobes1 temporal lobe located at the bottom front thumb 2 above the temporal is the frontal lobe located at the front of the brain fingers 3 Behind the frontal is the parietal lobe knuckles 4 Occipital lobe the back of each hemisphere wristthe brains hemispheres are connercted by pathways called commissures Corpus callosum the largest commissuresForebrain the cerebral cortex makes up most of the forebrain The brainstem the remaining tube underlying the cortex Connected to the spinal cord arm Evolutionarily animals with just spinal cords preceded those that developed brain stems which preceded those with forebrains Automically in prenatal development the spinal cord forms before the brain stem and the brainstem before the forebrain
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