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Ted Petit

Instructors Manual and Test BankforElias and SaucierNeuropsychology Clinical and Experimental Foundations prepared byLorin J Elias University of SaskatchewanDeborah M Saucier University of SaskatchewanCrystal EhresmanNicole Thomas BostonNew YorkSan Francisco Mexico CityMontrealTorontoLondonMadridMunichParis Hong KongSingaporeTokyoCape TownSydney Copyright2006Pearson Education Inc All rights reserved The contents or parts thereof may be reproduced with Neuropsychology Clinical and Experimental Foundations by Lorin J Elias and Deborah M Saucier provided such reproductions bear copyright notice but may not be reproduced in any form for any other purpose without written permission from the copyright ownerTo obtain permissions to use the material from this work please submit a written request to Allyn and Bacon Permissions Department 75 Arlington Street Boston MA 02116 or fax your request to 6178487320 ISBN 0205470432Printed in the United States of America10987654321 0908070605 Table of ContentsUnit 1 Foundations of Neuropsychology1Introduction to Neuropsychology 2 2Neuroanatomy15 3Techniques in Neuropsychology32 4Laterality 47Unit 2 Functional Systems and Associated Disorders5The Sensorimotor System56 6Sensation and Perception Vision 65 7Memory 81 8Hearing and Language Processing 97 9Emotion 115 10Spatial Ability130 11Attention and Consciousness 144Unit 3 Development Damage and Treatment12Humans Human Brains and Evolution151 13Neural Development 159 14Human Brain Damage174 15Neuropsychological Assessment 189 16Recovery of Function202 1
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