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cheat sheet for midterm 2

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Anna Nagy

1. Writing for the Behavioral and Social Sciences 4.29 Plurals of Abbreviations 110 Types of Articles 4.30 Abbreviations Beginning a Sentence 111 1.01 Empirical Studies 1.02 Literature Reviews Numbers 111 1.03 Theoretical Articles 1.04 Methodological Articles 4.31 Numbers Expressed in Numerals 111 1.05 Case Studies 1.06 Other Types of Articles 4.32 Numbers Expressed in Words Ethical and Legal Standards in Publishing 4.33 Combining Numerals and Words to Express Numbers Ensuring the Accuracy of Scientific Knowledge 4.34 Ordinal Numbers 4.35 Decimal Fractions 1.07 Ethical Reporting of Research Results 4.36 Roman Numerals4.37 Commas in Numbers 1.08 Data Retention and Sharing 4.38 Plurals of Numbers 1.09 Duplicate and Piecemeal Publication of Data Metrication 4.39 Policy on Metrication 4.40 Style for Metric Units 1.10 Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism Statistical and Mathematical Copy Protecting the Rights and Welfare of Research Participants 4.41 Selecting Effective Presentation 1.11 Rights and Confidentiality of Research Participants 4.42 References for Statistics 1.12 Conflict of Interest 4.43 Formulas 4.44 Statistics in Text 4.45 Statistical Symbols Protecting Intellectual Property Rights 117 1.13 Publication Credit 4.46 Spacing, Alignment, and Punctuation 1.14 Reviewers Equations 1.15 Authors Copyright on an Unpublished Manuscript 4.47 Equations in Text4.48 Displayed Equations 1.16 Planning for Ethical Compliance 4.49 Preparing Statistical and Mathematical Copy 2. Manuscript Structure and Content 5. Displaying Results Journal Article Reporting Standards -Manuscript Elements General Guidance on Tables and Figures 2.01 Title 2.02 Authors Name (Byline) and Institutional Affiliation 5.01 Purposes of Data Displays 2.03 Author Note 2.04 Abstract 2.05 Introduction 2.06 Method 5.02 Design and Preparation of a Data Display 2.07 Results 2.08 Discussion 2.09 Multiple Experiments 5.03 Graphical Versus Textual Presentation 2.10 Meta-Analyses 2.11 References 2.12 Footnotes 5.04 Formatting Tables and Figures 2.13 Appendices and Supplemental Materials 5.05 Table and Figure Numbers Writing Clearly and Concisely 5.06 Permission to Reproduce Data Displays Organization Tables 5.07 Conciseness in Tables 3.01 Length 61 3.02 Organizing a Manuscript With Headings 5.08 Table Layout 5.09 Standard Forms 3.03 Levels of Heading 3.04 Seriation 5.10 Relation of Tables and Text 5.11 Relation Between Tables Writing Style 5.12 Table Titles 5.13 Table Headings 5.14 Table Body 3.05 Continuity in Presentation of Ideas 5.15 Confidence Intervals in Tables 5.16 Table Notes 3.06 Smoothness of Expression 5.17 Ruling of Tables 3.07 Tone 5.18 Presenting Data in Specific Types of Tables 3.08 Economy of Expression
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