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Karen Dion

Social Psychology ReviewChapter 2Construct validityConstructs of disinterestCorrelationCorrelational fallacyDeductive research attempting to move from hypothesis to observationDemonstration gathering data in an attempt to demonstrate a hypothesis about the associations among constructs of interestDependent variableDiscovery discovering what might be plausible causes of constructsExternal validityFalsifiability We could conceive of a pattern of findings that would contradict the theoryHypothesis Comprises a theory Comprised of statements about associations among constructs and associations between constructs and observable indicatorsIndependent VariableInductive Research attempting to move from observation to the development of hypothesessInternal ValidityMeasurement research conducted by examining whether two or more ways of measuring the same construct give the same resultsQuasiexperimental researchRandom sampleRandomized ExperimentReciprocal causationRefutationReplication Selection by maturation threatSelection threatTheory A set of interrelated hypotheses that is used to explain a phenomenon and make predictions about associations among constructs relevant to the phenomenon A theory about social behavior has three features First it contains constructs that are of theoretical interest and that it attempts to explicate or account for in some way Second it describes associations among these constructs Finally a theory incorporates hypothesized links between constructsVariable Any attribute that changes across people or things being studied
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