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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 WINTER 2013 I-CLICKER QUESTIONS LECTURE # 6: E XPERIENCING P REJUDICE What type of stigma is being aged 73?  Abominations of Body  Blemishes of Character  Tribal Markers  Age is not a Stigma Crocker et al. Found that:  Blacks make attributions to prejudice when their race is known  Blacks make attributions to personal merit when race is known  After positive feedback, Blacks feel worse about themselves  After negative feedback, Blacks feel better about themselves  After negative feedback, Blacks feel worse about themselves According to Major & O’Brien, which of he following does not contribute to threat appraisal:  Personal characteristics  Volitional responses  Situational cues  Collective representations. What is the take home message of the Kaiser et al. Study?  Women high in SC have a hard time naming colors  It’s fun to have participants in your study say hooter  Women low in SC are preconsciously aware of threat to their social identity  Women high in SC are preconsciously aware of threat to their social identity  Gender identification is related to SC LECTURE # 7: S TEREOTYPE T HREAT 1 Why do groups differ in “intellectual performance”?  Not Different  Tests are Unfair  Different socializing environments  Genetics  Don’t want to Answer What is measured by the world completion task in Steele & Aronson, 1995?  Activation of specific construct PSYC12 WINTER 2013  How Fast people are able to complete with race  Activation of the Black Stereotype  Knowledge of the English Language  Stereotype Threat LECTURE # 8: STEREOTYPE T HREAT 2 Which of the following groups is probably not a target of stereotype threat?  Women in Math  Whites in Sport  Men in Driving Ability  The Elderly in Memory Performance  Whites in Prejudiced Behavior How would stereotype threat lead a female CEO to underperform?  She disidentitifes from being a woman  She has low self-efficacy  She suffers from working memory impairments  She experiences an acut
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