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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

STEREOTYPE THREAT SUMMARY OF EXPERIMENTSChapter 1 Introduction According to USbased National Assessment of Educational Program blacks and Latinos continue to trail behind whites in measures of mathematics and reading Stereotype Threat Stereotype Threat is defined as a situational predicament in which individuals are at risk by dint of their behaviours or actions of confirming negative stereotypes about their group Steele and Aronson showed that situations themselves are creating or magnifying differences in performance African Americans in their sample performed better on a set of verbal ability problems when they were described as a simple laboratory task in comparison to a diagnostic measure of intelligence Chapter 2 The Role of Situational Cues in Signaling and Maintaining Stereotype Threat The Role of Cues and Vigilance in Stereotype ThreatInzlicht and Schmader did a study where male and female MSE majors watched a video advertising an MSE summer conference that depicted a gender ratio of either three men to one woman or a balanced ratio The women who watched the 31 Video reported less belonging in the MSE and expressed little desire to attend These women were not as detail oriented as the 11 ratio Situational Cues in Academic Settings Inzlicht and BenZeev did an experiment where they manipulated the cue of numeric representation women took a male test in a room with two other testtakers either 1 two other females 2 one man and one female 3 two men With each man added to the setting women showed a linear decrease in math Men remained unaffected Davies and colleagues showed women and men three different sets of primetime TV commercials One was neutral unrelated to gender stereotypical depiction of women counterstereotypical depictions of women Results revealed that stereotypic ads activated gender stereotypes and reduced womens inclinations to occupy leadership roles In a set of experiments male confederates did or did not display certain behavioural cues to their female partners Women who interacted with the sexist
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