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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

The Social Self: On being the same and different at the same time Abstract: • Most of social psychology’s theories of the self fail to take into account the important of social identification – in the formation of the self • Social identities – are more broad self definiations – than the very individuated self concept held by American psych • This paper proposes a model for optimal distinctivness o Social identitiy helps to reconcile opposing needs – assimilation and differentiation o Individual avoide self definations that are too personalized or inclusive o Ppl like to define themselves in terms of disticitive category of memberships  Social identify and group loyalty strongest  Provide a sense of belongnes and distictinvess Depersonalization and group size – interact as determinants of the strengths of social identification • In recent years social psycholgists – have become more ‘self’ centered • The concept of self – provides an important point of contact btw theories of personality and theories of social behavior • Our theories of self are very individuated – which provides little explainatin of our eveloutionary history of living in group • These theories – are inept in accounting for most human action in the form of collective behavior • This individuated ego centric view – does not explain altruistic behavior and our motivation for group benefit • Qubec sepretist o Their loyal devotion to this movement shows – the value of group distinction o And how much ppl are against losing some of their group distinctivness by merging Social Identitiy and Personal Identitiy: • US social Psychhology tends to think of social identities as aspects of individual self concepts • the European conceptualizing of self indentitiies is one involving extension of the self beyond the level of the indvidaul • Personal identity: o The individuated self o Those characteristics that differentiate one individual from others with
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