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Final Exam Review

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David Haley

[PSYC21] Lecture 12 PSYC21 Exam Review! Exam Questions: TF & MC half as much as midterm more Short Answer Cumulative Midterm more lecture based Final based more on readings! more open ended questions Themes of Human Development Theory of mind organizing task of how we understand others mind - break it down to motivational and perceptual processes - evolutionary perspective motivation of wanting to be social (attachment theory framework of understanding and relating to others) *readings where some included it all *evolutionary arguments on how they integrate attachment and IS ATTACHMENT FOCUS - has limitations, explains why you get close and need, but doesnt tell us about the transactions (have to go beyond) - how you study and focus on human development Specific on interpersonal stuff, imitation and how communication works Imitation Social brain Mirror Neuron Memory Social Brain Dunbar Reading linear association between size of brain and the number of people in a social group Shift if, pairbonded or not plays a role in social affiliation and perception Birds had larger differential if pairbonded also similar in Primates not much of difference of pairbonded Whats up with primates? Different association, more straightforward large group they interact with The Social Sense Major finding learned in class! went into great detail Assumed T.O.M was occurring when we could speak and share our experiences, tests for that Advanced Developmental Psychology 1
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