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Mid-Term Review

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David Haley

PSYC21 - Midterm Review *Know different studies and their details covered in lecture (Possible Short Answer Q) - what was measured, what did the study show... Ex: Intersubjectivity - understand how it applies to the 3 phases of separation Dunbar! Know his key arguments (what did he contribute in the paper) Long Answer Q Why is the brain so big? larger neocortex Implications on social brain and the differences across species Contradictory aspects - reconciliations? Primates Big brains - generate more energy than needed to solve problems for survival, brain larger (extra energy) than it needs to be, why? Developmental Perspective: Big brain due to unique life history, therefore cause of longer maturation periods Dunbar, disagrees doesnt explain the advantage of a large brain Another alternative reason provided was due to demands of foraging activities (mental representations) - Squirrels and bigger mammals have similar foraging activities, but doesnt explain the differences in brain size therefore not really cause of ecological reasons Dunbars Idea: Mach.. Intelligence HypothesisSBH how the complexity of the social environment caused us to develop larger brains Pairbonding (Look at figure in article) - larger groups = larger brain size - Why? Reasons in lecture slides (Ex: Freq. of get together, tactile deception..) - Dont apply to other species Primates vs. Other species - dissociation bw those wpairbonds and those who dont Pairbonding (Monogamy) unusual larger brains due to social complexity and hard work (energy) to consider what the other partner wants cognitively taxing! - in the Figure, what does it tell us about birds? Qualitative relationship based on quality of the relationship
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