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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

The development of imitation In order to imitate Humans must appropriately extract the key elements from the information of others body movements, which constantly change over time Mentally assemble the extracted elements Control our own bodies to replicate the actions accurately 2 aspects of imitations Methods and techniques of making and using tools (not genetically transmitted) An observer can efficiently acquire the adaptive skills specific to his or her group, without depending solely on trial and error or on individual learning Permits such information to be transmitted across generations as aspects of culture Ensure successful communication with others in order to ensure survival Predict and understand the behavior of others with the same mental state as oneself Ability to understand intentions, goals, beliefs and thoughts (theory of mind) Imitation is believed to play an especially important role in the imaginative ability to conceive of an object not presently visible Serve as a prerequisite for representing an object by abstract thought Humans vs. chimpanzees Body imitation is difficult not just for monkeys but for chimpanzees as well Myowa-Yamokoshi and Matsuzawa Purpose: degree to which imitation in adult chimp is limited, compared to that in humans Face-to-face situations: human model used an object to perform meaningless actions that were not related to the intended function of the object 48 action types were presented. Following variables:
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