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Question 1Explain the mood congruency effect and explain the experiment The mood congruency effect is a hypothesis that explains how when people feel a certain way the whole world looks as if they are feeling that exact same emotion For example when a person feels sad they will perceive their environment as sadOr they might perceive the people they encounter as sad An experiment they had for this was they presented participants emotion tapes which are videos used to convey happy or disgust emotionsIn the happy condition they were shown pictures of facesWhen these participants were shown a face they saw multiple options to what the face was conveyingThey were more open minded to what that face was portrayingIn the disgust condition they were also shown pictures of facesWhen they were shown a face they were more definitive on what that face was portrayingThe adaptive significance here is that disgust usually implies some sort of danger or something that needs to be cautioned so they will make more accurate decisionsHappy faces gives more possibility and security to explore more Question 2What are mirror neurons Mirror neurons are a subset of motor neurons that activates when one acts or when one perceives
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