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Midterm1: Chapter 1&10

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Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYC31 Text Notes- Midterm 1 Chapter 1: Practice of Neuropsychological Assessment Clinical neuropsychology: applied science concerned with behavior expression of brain DYSfunction th - 19 C, idea of controlled observations became accepted providing conceptual tool allowing neuroscientists to lay out basic schema of brain- behavior relationships hold true today th - first half 20 C, war- damaged brains gave way to development of clinical NP - need for screening and diagnosis of brain injured and behaviorally disturbed servicemen and their rehab during WW1 = demands for NP programs - WW2, wars in east Asia and Mideast promoted development of talented NP and sophisticated examination and treatment techniques - psychology contributed two other domains of knowledge integral to NP 1. Educational psychology + Binets test of intelligence - educational testing soruce of reliable measurement techniques and statistical tools for test standardization and development of normative data, analysis of research findings and validation studies - personality and social behavior research borrowed from and further elaborated principles found in educational testing 2. experimental studies of cognitive functions in humans and animals - animal studies and clinical reports of brain injured persons especially soldiers with localized wounds and stroke patients lead to knowledge of brain function - neuroscientists aware of usefulness of cognitive constructs and psychological techniques when studying brain- behavior relationship - 21 C, further advantage of brain imaging techniques - practice of NP calls for Flexibility, Curiosity, Inventiveness and Empathy - growing sensitivity to problems of identification, assessment, care and treatment of brain impaired patients - psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors ask for NP assistance in identifying those candidates for their services who may have underlying neurological disorders - neurologists and neurosurgeons request behavioral evaluations to aid in diagnosis and to document course of brain disorders or the effects of treatment - any of 6 different purposes may prompt NP examination: - each purpose calls for some differences in assessment strategies - many assessments serve two or more purposes integrate strategies
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