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David Nussbaum

Chapter 3 The Psychology of Police Investigations Confession evidence is often viewed as a prosecutors powerful weapon, in many different countries conviction of persons may solely based on their confession One of the goals of a police interrogation is to gain information that furthers the investigation, such as the location of important evidence, the other goal is to obtain a confession from the suspect Police interrogation were extremely coercive in the past, whipping was used to bring forth confessions, also jolts from stun guns were used Problems with coercive interrogation practices include false confessions Now a days we use more psychologically based interrogation techniques such as lying about evidence, promising lenient treatment, and implying threats to loved ones Police officers around the world receive specialized training in exactly how to extract confessions from suspects The Reid model is a commonly used interrogation training program for police officers in the US and Canada. It is based upon a book by Inbau et al. called Criminal Interrogation and Confessions. The Reid model was a technique originally developed by John E. Reid, who was a polygrapher. Reid model consists of three-part process: a) Gather evidence related to crime and to interview witnesses and victims b) Conduct nonaccusational interview of the suspect to assess any evidence of deception c) Conduct accusational interrogation of the suspect, which a 9 step procedure 1. Suspect is immediately confronted with his or her guilt 2. Psychological themes are then developed that allow the suspect to justify, rationalize, or excuse the crime
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