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University of Toronto Scarborough
Catherine Nash

Pro-Validity Arguments 1. Studies in American schools have been conducted to see if culturally sensitive and technically adequate nonverbal measures of ability for Mexican American children. The researchers compared the discrepancy between the performance on ability test (“Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test”) vs actual ability on varous different domains. These differences in Mexican American students were compared to those of the standardized population. Results showed that slight differences exist between the two groups but they are not significantly large. This suggests that the “Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test” is an relatively valid test, regardless of cultural differences. Still, the results should be interpreted with caution and this test should be used with other multidimensional ability ability/intelligence measures in order to receive the most accurate measures. One argument against this proposal is that this test may be valid for individuals of North American (Mexican to be more precise) heritage, but maybe not for Asian cultures. It is possible that the discrepancies in ability measures may be significantly large for Asian student who take the “Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test”. But this is pure speculation and may be incorrect. The present study shows that two culturally populations performed similarly on culturally sensitive tests, indicating that psychometric measures are valid for populations whose first language is not English. 5EAC14454PQ/3?accountid=14771 2. The “Beck Depression Inventory” is one of the most widely used instruments for measuring the severity of depression in patients. It consists of multiple choice self-report inventory questions. Some believe that this scale is culturally sensitive and is not reliable for measuring depression in different cultures. A study measured the internal consistency reliability in Mexican American youth. The result demonstrated excellent internal consistency reliability and show support for the use of the BDI as measure of depression in different samples. This scale is most likely valid for other different cultures as well. Unfortunately, the majority of cross cultural psychometric validity testing has been done in north America (comparing Mexican Americans to European Americans and African Americans). The future scope is to perform the same tests and see their validity in patients whose first language is mandarin, for example. BC0304A56PQ/3?accountid=14771 3. Another study examined the validity of the “Short Form -36 Survey” in Traumatized Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees. The scale looked at self-perceived mental and physical health. Results showed that this study presented excellent internal consistency. Some aspects, similar to other studied of Asian samples, indiscriminating dimensions such as Vitality from mental health; regardless the test had accurate results. This study proves that psychometric testing produce valid results for individuals from various cultures. In this case individuals whose primary language was Cambodian (also known as Khmer) and Vietnamese and were tested with the SF 36; results of which showed that the test was accurate in defining these individual’s self-image. Past literature compared Mexican Americans with the standardized population. This study is different because it shows the same result for the significantly different Asian culture. Previous studied that looked at Mexican Americans and European and African American individuals were that they are all c
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