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Cognitive Neuroscience Text Notes Chapter 2 Cellular Mechanisms and Cognition Cells of the nervous system y Two main principles of neurons o Connectional specificity circuits pass information through specific pathwayso Dynamic polarization some parts of neurons are specialized for taking information in and others are specialized for taking information out to other neurons or musclesThe Structure of Neuronsy Neuronsthe basic signal units are distinguished by their form function location and interconnectivity within the nervous systemy Somathe cell body of the neuron contains the metabolic machinery that maintains the neurony Dendriteslarge treelike processes that receive inputs from other neurons at locations called the synapseso If located after the synapse and receiving information they are called postsynapticoIf located before the synapse the dendrites of the neuron are said to be presynaptico dendrites also exhibit a specialized processes called spines little knobs attached by small necks to the surface of dendrites synapses are located
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