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PSYD33 final exam guide

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anna Nagy

Study Sheet for Psy D33 Final Exam August 2011The final exam for this course is worth 35 of your gradeYou will have 2 hr to complete the exam which is based on lecturediscussion content and material from your course reader The exam will require you to write essay answers to two questions worth 25 marks eachThe six possible questions on the exam are found below so that you may reflect on how best to answer themThere will be one question that you MUST answerIn addition two out of the remaining five questions will be drawn from a hat at the beginning of the exam you may then choose and answer one of the two that are drawnTherefore you will write two essays in total I am looking for the usual criteria in terms of good arguments paragraph structure sentence structure word usage and punctuation Make sure that your answers are written clearly and concisely and that they demonstrate an understanding of the concepts You may not bring notes or books to the final exam however you may prepare a detailed reference list for each questionThe reference list should NOT include abstractsPlease prepare answers that will take approximately 45 minutes per essay to write out There is more than one correct way to answer each question Good luck1aDrawing from lecturediscussion materialthe course readings and the CBC interviews on this topic please explain the process by which epigenetic regulation ofgenes may mediate the effects of early life experience on adult behaviour the stress responseand psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression Be sure to discuss both the epigenetic mechanism and the behavioural implications providing examples of two different gene environment interactions in the context of your answer ie glucocorticoid receptor gene and serotonin transporter gene Refer to both animal and human studies in the context of your answerfrom a critical perspectiveYou might want to listen to the CBC radio Ideas podcast Brains of Babes Episode II we listened to in class to review the conceptsSeehttpwwwcbccaideasepisodes20091113thebrainsofbabespart13cdepisode 2 is relevant to our class topic however you might also find episodes 1 and 3 really interestingThey are not on the exam thoughPlease also see the articles in your course readerbIs a hypervigilant stress response always a bad thing Briefly explain why or why not
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