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POLC66H PUBLIC POLICY-MAKING Fall 2013 Final Examination Study Guide This study guide has been provided to help you prepare for the final examination, scheduled for Saturday December 7, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM in the GYM. The exam will have two parts. PART I The first part of the exam will ask you to identify and briefly explfive concepts/ ideas. You will answer five of eight possible choices. The eight questions will be selected from the following twenty terms: 1. Punctuated Equilibrium 11. Hyper Globalization Thesis 2. Judicial Evaluation 12. Principle-Agent Theory 3. Policy Feedback 13. Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Debate 4. First Order Change 14. Policy Paradigm 5. QWERTY Keyboard 15. Hierarchical Responsibility 6. Incrementalism 16. Internationalization 7. Social Learning 17. Street-Level Bureaucrats 8. Path Dependency 18. Problem of Dirty Hands 9. Funnel of Causality 19. Corporatism 10. Margaret Thatcher 20. Advocacy Coalition Framework A good answer will:  Clearly identify the term and explain its meaning  Note its significance: why is “it” – i.e. the concept/idea – important?  Relate it to other concepts and broader themes addressed in the course  Where appropriate, provide an example Try to be familiar with all of these terms. Review your lecture notes and relevant passages from the assigned readings. A perfect answer will receive a score of 8/8. The section as a whole will comprise 40% of the total exam grade. PART II The second part of the exa m will ask you to answer two essay questions. You will have three questions to choose from (in other words, you will answer two
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