Key terms for Hinduism (four points per term)

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Defined by Hasnain Dharamshi RLGA01H3 2010 FallKey Terms for Hinduismsanatana dharma has a literal meaning of eternal faithand is common in a few parts of India and in some classes of society It is the spiritual laws for which human existence is governed Since Hinduism was a term invented by the British colonists sanatana dharma is the closest thing to represent the hidden meaning behind what is presently known as Hinduism Sanatana dharma to human existance is like natural laws of physics to the earth they existed before they were discovered and were placed there from before our knowledge just as scientists discovered physical laws rishis discovered the spiritual laws of sanatana dharmatilak or tilakahas a literal meaning of a forehead mark and is a popular visual sign in Hinduism There is a specific mark like this called the bindi which is worn by married women In some parts of India even men where a forehead mark such as priests at temples and even normal people in context of their religious beliefs Some people wear it in affliction with a particular deity for example for Vishnu it is a vertical mark and for Shiva it is a horizontal mark of a white powder It is used as a sign of Hindu belief just as Muslims use a scarf for women or a prayer hat for men this mark on ones forehead is a symbol of belief in the specific deity or in the religious culture as a whole BharataThis is the original name for the region known as India in present times and has a literal meaning of the cherished King bharata was the first to conquer all of greater India uniting it into a single entity named after him Bharata The origin of the word comes from the scriptures Mahabharata which is very famous in the culture of Hinduism The word is derived from King Bharata who was the father of the two descendents that were fighting for powerThe Bhagavad Gita is the specific part that is popular among Hindu followers as it involves the God Krishna as its hero having a conversation between Arjunawho is known to resemble the soul or Atman It is also originally a Persian word meaning land of the Hindus SamsaraRefers to the term that is used for the birthanddeath cycle that is believed in by Hindu followers They believe that everyone has their own soul known as atman and has a connection with the Supreme Being Brahman One must achieve a higher level of knowledge and understanding about the world in order to break free of this cycle of samsara and achieve moksha or liberation The concept of karma is closely related to samsara as your actions in each of your lives including this one is an account of what actions you did and if you commit certain acts you can be subject to certain rewards and punishments Your actions in this life will determine what you will be born as in your next life
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