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University of Toronto Scarborough
Henry Shiu

www.notesolution.com | The Three Bodies of the Buddha: N The notion of bodhicitta: o The Dharma Body | | wisdom and compassion (dharmakaya) Two traditions of Mahayana: N The ideal of Bodhisattva: (enlightened o Madhyamaka and Yogacara o The Body of Bliss o Madhyamaka was founded by being/individual) (sambhogakaya) | the ten stages of Bodhisattvahood o Nagarjuna in the late second The Appearance Body century, to defend and explain the N The unique understanding of the (nirmanakaya) relationship between samsara and N Mahayana teachings of Mahayana sutras | o Yogacara was founded by Asanga in nirvana Believes there are countless numbers of the late third century, to layout a | The notion of upaya (expedient Buddhas in the three times. means or skilful means) | Also infinite numbers of Buddha realms systematic sequence-of-path towards liberation N Differences Between Theravada & | All can be enlightened. Mahayana | Anyone who is enlightened has the same N Theravada authority as the Buddha to teach the | 1. Believes that Sakyamuni is the only Dharma | Buddha. Monks, nuns, laymen, laywomen all share o 243J9K0´J0307,O57,.9L9L43078µ | 2. The historical Buddha seen as a equal opportunities to attain enlightenment9K070Z,8,O849K0´Z478KL5µ41 human. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas: | 3. Limited capacity for laymen to be N Those who are on the path to o Bhaisajyaguru enlightened perfect these perfections and (Medicine Buddha) their bodhicitta are known as the | 4. Monks only can be enlightened o Avalokitesvara ´4/KL8,99;,8µ o Manjusri N Bodhicitta = wisdom + o Amitabha Buddha N The sixfold perfections in compassion Mahayana: Vajrayana | Generosity (dana) N Theravada Rituals as practiced nowadays: |
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