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Jaina TraditionJaina tradition is very much known for their dynamic engagement with the world Jaina follows the path that would withdraw individual from the world that means not just from sorrow but also from the joys family or community desires and pride and even from ones own bodyMahavirataught the path to eternal happinessTirthankaras in Jainism a tirthankars is a human being who has achieved enlightenment through asceticism and who then becomes a rolemodel teacher for those seeking spiritual guidance A tirthankara is special sort of leader who established the fourfold religious order consisting of monks nuns lay man and woman after achieving omniscience Builders of bridges across the ocean of birth and death or samsaraJina is the highest expression of the Jaina ideal and the focus of Jaina devotional apparatus For Jaina the highest possible value is nonviolenceFor every act of violence we increase the negative karma attached to our soulKarmamargathe way of worksThey are the merchants and property owner class their period was of great social and intellectual fermentAccording to Jaina there is only one path to liberation the path of self discipline and non harmThere are two jaina sects Digambara naked or skyclad and Svetambara whitecladNon violence is the only path of liberationShramanaworld renouncing movement that gave rise to Buddhism The followers of the BuddhathMahavira is the 24 tirthankara of Jainism Established the Jainism as a fourfold community made up of monks nuns laymen and laywomen The community is called SanghardParsva is the 23 tirthankara of jains He is the earliest jain leader generally accepted as a historical figure He was a nobleman belonging to the kshatriya caste
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