Key Terms on East Asia Religions

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Henry Shiu

Key Terms for the Lecture on East Asian Religions: 1. Heaven Heaven came to be portrayed as an impartial universal being or power in the Zhou dynasty, an intelligent cosmic moral order that is concerned with human welfare and so gives people a caring and virtuous king. The universe a unity under heaven. The Heaven Principle states that Heaven regulates the world and the moral order. Humans had their genesis from the Heaven and Earth principle 2. Human - Humans are an integral part of the world view. For humans, family and society are the most important links to the universe. According to the Heaven Principle, Humans had their genesis from the Heaven and Earth principle. The expectations of humans are to observe official and ancestor rites, honor parents and fulfill familial obligations, function within the state regulated rules and values & exercise benevolence and mutuality with others. 3. Earth - Every religious thought in China come from the Heaven-Human-Earth chain. Humans had their genesis from the Heaven and Earth principle. The second hexagram in the Classic of changes means receptive. Earth consists of two yin trigrams and is a symbol of female 4. Confucianism - The ideal of the Confucian way of life is to live a life according to the Confucian values in this world through family and society. st 5. Confucius Kong Tzu - The 1 teacher of Confucianism, known in the west as C
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