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2PENTATEUCH (First 5 books); TANAKH (whole bible) (ACRONYM: T N K) 1. TORAH - refers to either the Hebrew bible or specifically to the five books of Moses. It is the first scripture that is read during the barbat mitzvah. GENESIS; EXODUS; LEVITICUS; NUMBERS; DEUTERONOMY 2. PROPHETS (NEVIIM) 3. WRITINGS (KETUVIM) SACRED HISTORY (pp. 72-82) CREATION STORIES 11. COSMIC: CREATION OF ORDER OUT OF CHAOS 22. ADAM AND EVE - adam and eve did not lack understanding or intelligence before they ate the forbidden fruit, what they lacked was moral sense or the ability to make moral distinctions. 3 the shame and guilt they experienced after eating the apple are two aspects of the knowledge of good and evil gained by eating the fruit. 4 creation story is known to be etiological because it offers explanations to to the reasons behind our present circumstances 5 according to jewish traditions, adam and eves sin is not so great as to cast a permanent cloud over human nature, but christians believe the opposite--> original sin. GARDEN OF EDEN (TREE OF ?) NOAH (COMMONALITY OF FLOOD MYTH IN MESOPOTAMIA) God gave rise to a flood which killed everyone except Noah and a few animals. This was done to start new and without the many sins of humans. THE WORLD OF THE PATRIARCHS AND MATRIARCHS ABRAHAM first Hebrew patriarch (the prototype or best type of example who follows the covenant) Ishmael is first son of Abraham, mother is Hagar. Isaac is second son of Abraham, mother is Sarah. COVENANT (CIRCUMCISION) all made covenants with god which in turn gave them offsprings, land and abraham got a long life and a peaceful death. god promises abraham through a covenant that he and his descendants will have the land of canaan if they live according to specific obligations.
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