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A very helful study guide, know in depth definitions for the quizes

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David Perley

RLGA02- Study Guide Quiz One Terms Apocalypse- divine God driven term- the veil to be lifted Eschatology- no real divine influence especially in Judaism study of the end end of time part of Hellenistic era Most apocalyptic literature is eschatological in nature and visionary presentation. The apocalypse is like a genre of eschatology. Berith-(Hebrew Term) The relationship between God and the Jewish people- otherwise known as a covenant-a contract with God- purpose of life for those bound to covenent into which first it was Abraham, then Jacob, and Moses and the people of Israel , enter with God, since the covenant specifies exactly how God desires Abrahams descendents to behave. Pentateuch- Five books of Moses Mishnah- The act of the oral text becoming the written text -compilation of the covenant - Gamarah(written down commentaries on Jewish tradition) is supplementary Diaspora: related to the term wandering the world outside the Jewish world outside the world of Israel Exodus: Moses saved the Jews slaves from Egypt to the promise land Menorah wandered in the dessert for 40 days - walking aimlessly- ten commandments comes out and takes away wandering- not following Gods word- not walking aimlessly not focused- ten commandments symbolizes a purpose Torah: transfer of knowledge and worldwide- and spreading knowledge across the world- the art is passing knowledge- wandering with the purpose of spreading the Torah Mishnah: oral Torah Documentary Hypothesis: The theory that the Pentateuch was not written by one person Moses but compiled together over a long period of time from multiple sources- Pentateuch: The Five books of Moses- Exodus, Genesis, Leviticus and Deuteronomy Midrash: commentary on the scripture- how we interpret the information and commentary perception and interpretation of text
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