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David Perley

DHIKR: the most characteristic Sufi practice is the ritual called the dhikr (remembrance) of God, which may be public or private. The congregational dhikr ritual is usually held before the dawn or evening prayers. It consists of the repetition of the name of God, Allah, or the shahadah, there is no god except God. The dhikr is often accompanied by special bodily movements and, in some Sufi orders, by elaborate breathing techniques. Often the performance of the dhikr is what distinguishes the various Sufi orders from one another. HADITH: tradition. The body of texts reporting Muhammads words and example, taken by Muslims as a foundation for conduct and doctrine; a hadith is an individual unit of the literature. It is the most important component of sunnah because it is the most direct expression of the Prophets opinions or judgements regarding community conductions HAJJ: The annual pilgrimage to Mecca which is the fifth pillar of Islam, instituted by Abraham at Gods command after he and his son Ishmael were ordered to build the Kaba. This is the practice of re-enacting the experience of Abraham. Once in Mecca, the pilgrims begin with the lesser hajj. This ritual is performed in the precincts of the Great Mosque and includes the tawaf (walking counter-clockwise around the Kaba) and running between the two hills of al-Safa and al-Marwa. This place according to Islam
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