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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Rabbinical Judaism Revelation and Interpretation No longer be practiced Ex. Ethnical behaviour cant go to temple but can form a group and human behaviour (at least 10 males) How community can be maintained Lineage? Historically decending from Pharisees(in terms of Hellinistic Judaism, its a sub group that developed, looking at 10 commandments and how to apply to everyday life. Christianity, a subset of Judaism are desperately trying to find its unique identity) Rabbis: are not leaders, expects (clarifying the meaning of texts) Rabbis and Pharisees? In terms of Hellenistic Judaism Rabbinical Tradition: major focus is on interpretation Revelation and Interpretation Survival: codification of making scriptures; in order to preserve the tradition old idea of permance comes from getting things done on paper Written Toran: - idea of coming revelation and collecting it into a book, and making an identity of it. - a revision to the texts -it is ongoing in 3 of these traditions Islam: idea of closing the revelation (not changing), its a sense of been fixed bookscripture The book of rabbis is called Midrash It is the activities of interpretation, another word know as exegesis Its the interpretation revealed of secret scriptures www.notesolution.com
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