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all the key terms to study for quiz 1

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David Perley

1 RLGA02: WORLD RELIGIONS II K EY T ERMS AND O UTLINE FOR Q UIZ #1 1. Quiz Format: Length: 1 hour (please be on time once the quiz begins, it runs for one hour only) TOTAL MARKS: 20 CALCULATED IN BLACKBOARD GRADE CENTRE AS WORT15% OF YOUR FINAL GRADE) P ARTA: T ERMS: DENTIFY AND DEMONSTRATE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH TE.M ANSWER 5 FROM A LIST PROVIDED(5 X 2MARKS EACH = 10 MARKS) P ARTB: S HORT ESSAY QUESTIONS A NSWER2 (OUT OF3 QUESTIONS PROVID) (2 X 5MARKS EACH = 10) 2. Criteria for Evaluation: Teaching Assistants will work with a criteria file that includes specific information required (as necessary or sufficient). Generally, TAs are using the following criteria: Terms: 22 = A: complete identification; student clearly articulates the term; student relates the term to other concepts in the course; student provides a concrete example (if applicable); student contrasts and compares the term 1.52 = B: complete identification; student clearly articulates the term; student makes an attempt to either relate the term to other concepts in the course or provide a concrete example (if applicable) or an attempt at contrasting and comparing 12 = D: Some identification and attempt at articulation of the term; unsuccessful attempts at providing additional context; issues with clarity 0.5 = F: incorrectinsufficient identification; insufficient significance; explanation relies too heavily on ideas outside of course content For the Short-Essays:
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