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all the key terms to study for quiz 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

RLGA02 Areas of Focus and List of Terms for Quiz #2 Winter 2011 - Origins: the historical development of the Gospels (including general chronology of biblical texts); the historical picture of Jesus; demonstration of basic comprehension of Rick Lasts presentation of Q - Western (Latin) Christianity and Eastern Orthodox (Greek) Christianity: factors contributing to the split; features of Eastern forms of Christianity - Social, political, economic, and technological aspects of Luthers successful reform - The difference between the Magisterial Reformation and the Radical Reformation - The similarities and differences in the Reformation and Counter-Reformation LIST OT ERMS (note: seek information for terms in other sections of the chapter beyond our assigned pages for course readings for example, the Practice section beginning on page 227 contains helpful info on Eucharist and connected terms apostles gospel Pentecost indulgences Evangelical logos Christ orthodox bishop mysticism canon excommunication crucifix Trinity Eucharist Note: For the outline below, I have included relevant page numbers from our textbook to coincide with lecture topics Text: pp. 166-168; 175-177 (From Sect to Church Paul) JESUS IN THE GOSPELS o MOSAIC: COMPOSITE PORTRAIT OF JESUS o THE TWO COMMANDMENTS o LOVE FOR GOD o LOVE FOR ONES NEIGHBOUR o SPIRITUAL VS. POLITICAL KINGDOM EARLY CHRISTIAN BELIEF AND HISTORY o MISSIONARY COMPONENT o PENTECOST
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