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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Definitions: apostles Pentecost Evangelical Christ bishop canon crucifix Eucharist gospel indulgences logos orthodox mysticism excommunication Trinity JESUS IN THE GOSPELS o MOSAIC: COMPOSITE PORTRAIT OF JESUS o THE TWO COMMANDMENTS o LOVE FOR GOD o LOVE FOR ONES NEIGHBOUR o SPIRITUAL VS. POLITICAL KINGDOM Mosaic Collection for different interpretation to create a big picture of Jesus Stain Glass Theory: using melting lid to create piece of glass together but contains individual differences; idea that something connect them all William James: World of experience as itself are mosaic he thinks that mosaic are not the idea of stein glass but rather glass itself are melted and connected to each other Therefore, each perspective are not independent but rather bleeds into each other My picture of Jesus participate in that world picture of Jesus Christianity involves 2 key commandments Love for God & Love for Human BeingsOnes Neighbour These 2 aspects can be seen from Judaism 10 commandments and Christianity accept this idea and adding more to this. www.notesolution.comSpiritual vs. Political Kingdom Notion of Messiah: Judaism: see Messiah as spiritual and political leader Jesus known as cosmic saviour instead of provincial saviour Kingdom shifts from political, geographical to a spiritual one Idea of Incarnation: Christianity presents the notion that God participate in the world through the person of Jesus First Difference between Judaism: EARLY CHRISTIAN BELIEF AND HISTORY o MISSIONARY COMPONENT o PENTECOST o ALL ROADS LEAD TO PAUL o JEWISH AND GENTILE CHRISTIANITY o CHRIST: AS REDEEMER Missionary Component Christianity is a missionary religion**** That means: messages need to be broadcast, widely and universally 3 traditional religions include: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism (the messages of them are universal, to make it number grow) Why does it matter for the # to grow? Whats the significance? 1 Spreading the right idea: if you believe, try to make others to believe it as well nd 2 number= power; more supporters of this perspective And it make it the true religion=successful Judaism is not actively seeking to increase its number and thus, it is not a missionary tradition Christianity: exist in Holy Book, story and messages tell us to spread this religionmessage Ex. Story of Pentecost (occur when Jesus enters to heaven, group of disciples gather around and dont know what to do, God occur in fire enables each of them to speak in different languages) God empowers them to speak verities of language, they can spread these messages through the gift of language; it is a powerful story
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