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The four gospels: Mark: - Starts with the beginning of Jesus’ mature ministry following his baptism by John the Baptist, who prophesies that Jesus will be far greater than John - In wilderness, he wrestles with the temptations of Satan - Launches his ministry in Galilee, proclaiming that the kingdom of God is at hand - He heals people and his reputation gets better - Jesus violates Sabbath law (picking grain and healing on the day of rest) but Jesus says that the Sabbath is for the people and not the people for the Sabbath. - Jesus continues to challenge the priorities of religious authority along with his followers ( a group of 12) - Jesus then goes to Jerusalem and again disputes with religious authorities - He also celebrate the Passover with his disciples and is betrayed by one of them and then later gets arrested - When Jesus is confronted by the Roman governor, he does not deny that he is the king of the Jews - Therefore Jesus is executed on the cross - 3 days after the Sabbath and body was placed in a tomb, 2 women followers could not find
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