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I’m actually not quite sure whether this answer covers everything so can someone elaborate on it? 3.2. As suggested on page 74, interpreters were often reluctant to change scripture even when there appeared to be contradictions in the text. Why? Interpreters did not take these contradictions in the text as problems. In fact, they used it to their advantage. They used these contradictions as clues as to how the text was composed, rather than changing them. Therefore this led to the fact that the three interpretations of the chaos before creation were not all obtained from one source. They were obtained from three different sources. 3.3 Discuss the idea of the covenant. Compare the idea of the covenant as connected with e.g., Abraham and Moses, with other legal codes in other cultural/religious contexts of the time. The covenant is basically a contract in modern terms. However, this contract is made with the divine. If one followed the covenant, they will be rewarded. If they did not follow the covenant, they will be punished. An example of a covenant would be something such as circumcision (Abraham). Circumcision is the symbol of Abraham’s promise to God, all males must go through this to keep the covenant. Another covenant that Abraham made with god was sacrificing his son. Abraham did as he was told and God told him to sacrifice an animal instead. Abraham was rewarded later for being obedient and following the covenant. Moses also had a covenant which was the ark of covenant. A similar story occurred with Adam and Eve. However, a member of this discussion group already posted it so there is no point in repeating it all. 3.1 What is monotheism? What other ways of being religious are ‘out there’? Discuss any issues that might arise when trying to define religion based on a monotheistic interpretation. Go to the library website, click on E-resources, access the E-version of the Oxford English Dictionary (or try this link here), and then find and briefly review definitions of ‘monotheism,’ ‘monolatry,’ ‘polytheism’ and ‘henotheism.’ From a theoretical perspective, why is it problematic to think of ‘polytheism’ as a less-developed form of religion than monotheism? Monothesim is the belief in one God. There are other ways of being religions such as taking part in cultural events and being active in the cultural community where one experiences narratives, traditional music/dance, food and much more. It may be difficult to define religion based on a monotheistic interpretation because one God itself won’t give much information. It will only have a limited amount of information. Polytheism is the belief in many Gods an
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