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David Perley

Find 23 key points for any 2 particular denominational traditions from pages 213219 Anglicans Reformed ChurchesAnabaptists Unitarians PuritanismCongregationalists Baptists Quakers PietismMethodistsRevivalism Holiness ChurchesBoldmain pointsREFORMED CHURCHESFrom 1520s1560s the Reformation movement in and around Switzerland The dominant leader of the movement John Calvin 150964 imposed rigorous norms of doctrine and conduct on the city of Geneva1 Churches that are Calvinist in doctrine and often Presbyterian in governance strong in the Netherlands and Scotland and also found in France and Switzerland and Hungary Calvins Geneva is described as a theocracy comparable to Iran under the rule of religiolegalscholars after 1979Calvin echoes Augustines idea expressed in the Confessions that humans are created for communion with God and lack rest until they arrive it Two implications of this was place by Calvins interpreters and the Reformed tradition1 The idea that humans are so sinful as to be utterly dependent on the divine grace for salvation2 Sovereign God has predestined every person to either salvation or damnation th 2 From 16 century Geneva the ideas of the Swiss Reformation spread to other lands notably France where the adherents of the Reformation are known as Huguenots the Netherlands Hungary England and ScotlandNetherlands Calvins teachings of predestination was challenged by Jacobus Arminius who believed that Gods sovereignty was compatible with human free willNetherlands and Hungary Calvinst churches have been known as reformed churches after the theological tradition In England the tradition was called Presbyterian for the same reason established state Church of Scotland is termed Presbyterian
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