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Week 8s Readings 268278 297302 p268 IslamIntroductionlast of 3 monotheistic faiths that originated in Middle East other 2 were C JIslamsubmission Arabictotal submission to Godfollower of IslamMuslimone who submits to GodMohammadananother term for Muslim 2Islam is Gods eternal setup for universe 3what counts as muslimabiotic things inanimate beings all orgsms even angels they follow Islam by instinct or naturally but only humans given a choice either reject or accept IslamDay of Judgemtday conseqs will be faced for either acceptingrejecting faithreward for having faith punishmt for rejecting 4 Conversion into Islamby saying Shahadahprofession of faith in front of 2 Muslim witnessesI bear witness that there is no god except God and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God this is way of entry into faithnow are held accountable for rightsresponsibilities for it ORIGINS 5Islam origin17th centuryJC communities were settled in Arabia long b4 it1 tribe dominated MeccaQurayshbut city open to vast range of influences from culture religion ex desert hermitspracticed holinesshealingex Meccan Arabs aka hanifspious ones who agreed w JC when it came to their monothesim ex majority of societypolytheistsstationed gods statues imgs of them in Kabah Kabahstructure believed to have been built by AbrahamIshmael THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD 570632 CE1born into Quraysh tribe around 570 CEfather died b4 birth mother died few yrs aftergrew up as orphancared initially by grandfather from fathers side Abd AlMuttalibthen after AlMuttalibs death cared by uncle Abu Talib 2info about Muhammads youthlittleworked in early adulthood as merchantmarried wealthy widow Khadijah in mid 20s p270Muhammads description in early biographical sourcescontemplative honest mildmanneredAlAmin the faithfultrustworthy 3during Ramadanisolated himself to spend time in cave on Mount Hira4in one of these instances he received call to prophethoodfirst Quranic revelation Gabriel JibrilArabic appeared as he sat in retreatangel grasped him and said to read but he said he couldnt repeated command to read 3 times recited Q9615 to Muhammad result Muhammad retreated emotionally shakenp271 1continual returning of angel even after encounter in cavesaying who it was Gabriel and that who Muhammad is ie Messenger of GodKhadijah attempted to calmencourage him and took him to Waraqah bin Nawfal cousin learned Christian Waraqah confirmed that Muhammad had mission and that he was a Prophet sent by God w sacred law akin to Moses2nabiProphet Hebrew Arabic12yrs he preached but little success in Mecca Meccans did not want to leave their ancestral traditionfeared of emergence of this faith would interfere w their social customs religion economic status
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