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Simon Appolloni

Jesus – what context was Jesus born in What situation or circumstances was he born in? The political and social and economic conditions when Jesus was born Resource used: SocialAspects of Jesus: - His birth was in a small town just northeast of Jerusalem called Bethlehem and his childhood home was in Nazareth - He learned his father’s trade which was carpentry or builder - He lived in Palestine - He was baptized by John the Baptist and became a preacher – He began service at the age of 30 when he was baptised by his older cousin, John the Baptist during which he sees the heavens open and the holy spirit descending like a dove that is a mystical vision of call to prophecy or ministry - He was publicly executed - The Winds and seas obeyed him - You see a plurality of Jesuses due to the different interpretations of him, since there is no concrete evidence involved - Jesus was trilingual -Armaic, Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek (Hellenistic Greek to do ministry and carpentry) - Completely embedded in the Judaism in his times (Jewish mother, all of his friends, associates were Jews, he worshipped in Synagogue, preached from Jewish text, celebrated Jewish festival) - One temple of the one God: centre of their religious life o Temple unifying the Jewish community Political aspect of Jesus when he was born - Jesus was born subject of the Roman empire - Decree went out from Ceaser Augustus that all of world should be taxed - Booming economy of Roman - born during reign of EmpireAugustus - Roman peace - Every decree he had was son of the God - Rome empire spread out to Mediterranean, reaching far west as Spain - Land of Judea – Jesus was born - Judea (King Herod)
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