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Islam-all lecture notes combined with supplementary notes from the textbook for the quiz (got me a 4.0)

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David Perley

Islam Reception of a revelation Two main religious-political groups 600 CE Byzentines and Persians (Zoroastrianism) Islams story of their own formation, polytheistic environment There are connections between these polytheistic gods o God is the many names of these different gods Muhammad arrives in the sea of polytheism There might be selfserving history, all records of the prophets life because they are all contained within the religion The age of the emergence of Islam was called the age of ignorance jahiliyah Culturally the pre-islamic community was very uncivilized because they do not know how to practice the religion properly Jahiliyya: Abrahmic myth, ignorance The tradition develops the notion that some practices from the pre-islamic time are alright because the meaning has been lost over time but the practice is correct The tradition sees that way back in the past, back to Abraham that there was monotheism Muhammad was a revivifier Muhammad o 570-632 CE o Biography (compiled 767 CE) o 611 CE: begins receiving revelations from Gabriel o Yathrib (Medina) 622 CE= Hijrah o D. 632 CE: Returns to Mecca o The seal of the prophets; sunna (final prophet)
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