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FINAL EXAM REVIEW-an overview of the big concepts of the course that need to be known with a comprehensive explanation of terms and said concepts (A+ final grade)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

RLGAO2: F INAL E XAM S TUDY F ILE MATERIAL FROM Q UI#1 PARTA: TERMS: DENTIFY AND DEMONSTRATE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF.EACH TERM MIDRASH D IASPORA MENORAH E XODUS PASSOVER T ORAH RABBI SABBATH SYNAGOGUE THEMES FROPART B: HORT ESSAY QUESTI:NS 1.COVENANT 2.MESSIAH 3.RABBINICAJUDAISM Q UI2: PARTA: TERMS: DENTIFY AND DEMONSTRATE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF.EACH TERM BAPTISM GLOSSOLALIA HIJRAH SACRAMENT A POSTLSCREED ATONEMENT INDULGENCES MYSTICISM T RINITY THEMES FROPART B: HORT ESSAY QUESTI:NS 1.FOUR GOSPELS 2.EASTERN AND WESTERN CHRISTIANITY 3.PROTESTANT REFORMATION TERMS FORFINALE XAM Judaism: APOCALYPTI- -A genre of literature with coded symbolic visions and their interpretation, often expecting an imminent battle to end the unrighteousness of the present. Flourished in the Hellenistic Era mostly by the Essenes. This is also related to the belief of a messiah where an anointed one or a military messenger will be sent (in a manner like an angel) and lead the fight against the children of darkness at the end of time. BAR MITZVAH EXILE - The deportation of Jewish leadership from Jerusalem to Mesopotamia by conquering Babylonians in 586 BCE. A rupture of local Israelite political, ritual, and agricultural institutions, it marks the transition from Israelite religion to Judaism. Related to Diaspora. G EMARAH- PAIRED WITH THE MISHNAH,MAKES THE TALMUD , A PRACTICE OF EXEGESIS IN JUDAISM WHICH IS COMMENTARY ON THE TORAH OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE ORAL TOR. THE G EMARA IS THE COMMENTARY MINYAN M ISHNAH-WRITTEN ORAL TORAH SIMILAR TO THE HADITHSLAM PENTATEUCH The first five books of the Hebrew Bible ascribed by tradition to Moses, but regarded by modern scholarship as the result of several centuries of later literary activity. Five books are called Genesis, Numbers, Exodus, Deuteronomy and Leviticus. Genesis-Adam and Eve, Creation story, Tower of Babel, Noahs Ark Exodus- Moses story and the 10 commandments Leviticus- Laws and priestly rituals Numbers- numbering people? Deuteronomy-Three sermons delivered by Moses and a renewal of the covenant between God and children of Israel SEDER SEPTUAGINT TEFILLIN Christianity B ISHO-The supervising priest of a district called a diocese. In some branches of Christianity the bishop has charge of ordaining priests as well as confirming baptisms. C ANON- A standard. A scriptural canon is the list of books acknowledged as scripture. The list of acknowledged saints is likewise a canon. Canon law is the accumulated body of Church regulations and discipline. Clergy subject to the rule of a particular cathedral or congregation are also sometimes termed canons. CRUCIFIX- A cross with the image of Jesus suffering mounted on it. The cross is used in the Unitarian Church as they do not want any symbols depicting Jesus. Both of these symbols came into popular use after Constantine and his allowance and tolerance for the Christian religion to achieve stability in his empire. E UCHARIST- The ritual re-enactment of Jesus sacrifice of himself, patterned after his sharing of bread and wine as his body and blood at his final Passover meal with his disciples. The orthodox term it liturgy, Catholics the mass and Protestants, the Holy Communion or Lords Supper.
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