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Niro Rahu March 7th 2011 ReligionsWestern Traditions CHRISTIANITY Lecture 05 06 and 07 Jesus in the GospelThe very beginning of the Christianity took place in JudaismIsrael is part of the Roman EmpireAntiRoman sentiment in the region especially after the destruction of the second templeThe Apocalyptic hope is really strong because Christianity evolves from the apocalypse from JudaismApocalypse is the absolute final thing unveiling revelation idea of situation is so bad need radical solutionEnd time of apocalypse is the beginning of new timeApocalypse Desperate hope that someone is going to save us from the bad timesIdea of Apocalyptic the end is going happen soon because there is no time which people must act according and seek forgiveness ASAPScholars and devotes of Christianity observe the life Jesus very differentlySources to understand Jesus The GOSPELSWhy are there are Four Gospels o There are four different versions of Jesus o There are four versions because there is no more of gospel being the dominant source of Jesus o Jesuss disciples are the founders of the Gospels or their descendants earliest communities that were surrounded by these people Mosaic pieces of glass are fused together pieces that have connection between them Mosaic of Jesus each of the interpretation bleed into each other all the interpretations participate togetherNotion of Gods love especially Jesus cruxificationChristianity based on Two Commandments 1 Love for God 2 Love for other Human Beings Love for Ones NeighboursNotion of MessiahMessiah is not spiritual ruler to right wrongs Messiah is not one localized savior but worldwide savior a spiritual kingdomDivine Love and Mercy that triggers God to represent himherself to the worldKey Theoretical Component of Judaism and How Islam Grows After Jesus retains his humanity but is a divine beingJesus is equally divine being and human it is a paradoxBorn and grew up as a Jew thus Jesus participates in JudaismHowever Jesus was a radical thinkerMissionary Religion it would be mean a message that has to broadcast o Message in the Three Traditions spreading the message and seeing the numbers grow o NumberPower more and more people doing Gods will more support for your perspectiveIf it keeps growing in number then it becomes TRUEHowever Judaism is not trying to gain power through conversions because it is not a Missionary Religion The Story of Pentecost Jesus has been cruxified and disciples have no idea what to do tongues of fire electrocute the disciples from sprit of God now disciples can speak many language thus spread the wordThe Hebrew Bible
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