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David Perley

JudaismApocalypseThe final battle between the forces of dark and light at the end of time apocalyptic A genre of Jewish literature that emerged in later prophetic ndbooks2 century BCE flourished in the hellenistic era continuing even into Byzantine period of the first several centuries CE Apocalyptic is Greek for unveiling Latin equivalent for revelation apocalyptists report their own visions apocalypticism was the pop culture end of the worldidea that the world is going to end and that pious people will survive but the bad will be punished with death apocolypticism is very dualistic being blackwhite goodbad in natureBerith Hebrew term forthe covenant the special relationship between God and the Jewish peoplea covenant is a contract such as between Abraham and the other patriarchs that states that if Jews worship only Yahweh or adonei or the Lord they would be rewarded by having their line continuing on for a long period of time God asked as a part of the covenant that those who practice Judaism to practice monolatry which the worship of only one God while knowing that others exist even circumcision is part of this because God wanted all males circumcised another covenant is Noah with his ark and the 10 commandments are the official written form of the covenants AbrahamJacob Moses and Israel gets into this with God God promises to give Abraham land for Canaan flaming torch passing between animal sacrifice indicates that God has taken a solemn oath ceremonial covenant making between Hebrew Kings David Solomon and Josiah and the scribe Ezra Ark of the Covenant is the Throne for Gods individual presence covenant is reformulated by demands of history Diaspora Dispersalthe Jewish world outside the land of Ancient Israel it began with the Babylonian Exile from which not all Jews are returned traces back to the Greek word for scattered or dispersed the significance of the Diaspora is that Judaism had to come up with new ways of understanding and explaining itself Diaspora thinkers were interested in showing that it was in harmony that with Greek philosophy on several sourcesDocumentary Hypothesis The Theory1940 that the Pentateuch was not written by one person Moses but was compiled over a long period of time from multiple sources theory of 4 major blocks of material in the Pentateuch theory of Julius Wellhausen the idea was that individual people wrote specific topicsspecific periods of time oral traditions were included in their editorial efforts 2 schools YahwistsJ southern kingdom Abraham and Judea Mount Sinaiwrote before late thth10 century BCECanaanities or Eliohists E northern regions mount horeb 9 century BCE called Amoriteswhen intervowen known as JE ie in Genesis story of Adam and Evesuggested that priestly source was a later contribution comes from 586589 BCE time written was during Temples destruction and the Babylonian exile
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