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Second Term Test Study Guide

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Bishop: Greek work epiokopos for supervisor, the supervising priest of a district called a diocese. In some branches of Christianity the bishop has charge of ordaining priests by laying on the hands on the head of the person inducted. Similarly, it was the bishop making his rounds in his diocese who could confirm the baptism of new initiates into the community. Canon: a standard. A scriptural canon is the list of books acknowledged as scripture. The list of acknowledged saints is likewise a canon. It includes the four gospels that had achieved universal acceptance through Christendom. Canon law is the accumulated body of Church regulations and discipline. Clergy subject to the rule of a particular cathedral or congregation are also sometimes termed canons. Marcion was excommunicated by the church since he come out with his own Canon which rejected Mathew and only included ten letters by Paul and an edited text of Lukes gospels and Acts. Crucifix: a cross with an image of the suffering Jesus mounted on it. The main symbol of the faith was existent before Constantines time, but flourished during his reign and now the crucifixion saviour was glorified. Eucharist: the ritual re-enactment of Jesus last meal with his disciples, patterned after his sharing bread and wine as his body and blood at his final Passover meal with his disciples. The Orthodox term it the liturgy, Catholics the mass, and Protestant the Lords Supper or Holy Communion. A Greek word that means thanksgiving, the Eucharist is universal among Christians. During the mass, the officiating priest will repeat the account of Jesus last supper, invited the congregation to communicate. When the person receiving the communion (called communicant) receives the bread only, is said to received it in one kind. But if dipped in wine before giving, it is said to be of both kinds. Logos: word in the sense of eternal diving intelligence and purpose, an idea prominent in Greek thought at the time of Jesus. In the opening passage of John, was the logos and the logos was with God. Logos is a Greek Term with an arrow of meaning; it means divine intelligence and
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