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Judaism Textbook Notes for Final Exam

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Hebrew Bible: Biblical collections of proverbs attributed to Solomon For orthodox community, it was at Sinai that entire corpus of the five books was given, from story of creation to the farewell address of Moses before he dies at the threshold of the promised land directly from God to Moses Ten Commandments emphasize human social responsibilities (as does Book of Covenant, the extended law code that follows the commandments) Priestly narrators portray Moses as an intermediary between God and the people Jean Astruc was first to suggest that the Pentateuch might be a composition creation his reasoning was based on the different terms used to identify God and he theorized that an author who used the title Yahweh had his work mixed up with an individual who used the term Elohim. o Julius Wellhausen articulated theory of four major blocks of material in the Pentateuch (Documentary Hypothesis) o Yahwist, or J, emphasized southern localities and the role of Abraham, is thought to have worked in the s.kingdom of Judea beginning before the divisions of the kingdoms in 10 cen. BCE. o Elohist, or E, wrote in the n.kingdom after its separation starting during the th 9 cen. BCE and emphasized northern local traditions refers to sacred mountain as Horeb (not Sinai) and to the people displaced by the Israelites as Amorites rather than Canaanites. God more awesome for E than J and covenant relationship not as nationalistic o In many place, J and E become JE (i.e., usage of the term the LORD God) o Author of Deuteronomy is the D source central on rewards-and- punishments theology of national morality o P (priestly source) was late contribution to the body of writings that make up Pentateuch voice that developed independently around 586 BCE when Temple was destroyed (suggested by the elaborate blueprint of the Temple and its surroundings if it was standing at the time, such a description would not be needed) TANAKH o Torah (law), Neviim (prophets), Ketuvim (writings) Sacred History: Liberal wing of Judaism accepts modern historical principles and reserves the right to question the historical accuracy (myth, legend, and history) and traditional wing of Judaism believes every word to be literally true Earliest reference to Israel in secular historical records is in 13 cen. means they were identifiable to others as the people Israel by this time First eleven chapters in the Genesis describe the primeval history of the universe and the background that explains why had to choose a specific people and establish a covenant with them to convey his ideas to humans o Religious traditionalists try to smooth over the inconsistencies in the Bible: Chapter 1 god creates heaven and hell by dividing light from darkness (author of Isaiah says that He created light and darkness in order to distinguish between the teachings of the Hebrews and those of the
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