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Contemporary Judaism Two ways to culturally divide Jews in a contemporary context Jews from Ashkenazim- northern eastern Europe and Sephardim- mediatterean and middle east One way to analyze and dissect Judaism Different perspectives temperaments and viewpoints affect how you participate in tradition the rituals you practice and the accessibility that is there for the rituals differ Two primary orthodox and reform and they form two polar ends of a spectrum Reform: Modern form of Judaism, undergone radical changes, woman ordained rabbis, girls started practicing Bar Mitzvahs Orthodox: not a formalized ritual and not in the tradition for a female to celebrate a bar mitzvah but have got a way to celebrate it In the modern world it would be nice to give people equal chance but its not a part of the tradition Majority of Jews that live in Israel are secular, not incredibly religious those holding political power come from orthodox or ulster orthodox Even if majority of Jews are secular they are in a political sense give power to orthodox; if they have political power they have Jews interests in mind; they hold the line and keep an eye out for them Zionism- recovery of Jerusalem is part of salvation history of Judaism Not all Jews believe that not even orthodox Jews Even though orthodox Jews have political majority they dont see Israel as a Zionist state that they have to have for their religion Some of the first Zionists were secular- not really religious they thought they had to get the land to redeem Jewish history Christianity: in an american context America as a location has always had religious connotations affiliated with it
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