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Judaism and Christianty terms for Final Exam

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Perley

Terms (Judaism and Christianity) for Final Judaism : Bar Mitzvah Son of the Commandments; the title given to a 13 year old boy when he is initiated into adult ritual responsibilities; some branches of Judaism also celebrate a Bat Mitzvah for girls. The teenager reads two selections from the Hebrew Bible: one from the Pentateuch (5 books of Moses which make up the first section of the bible) and one from the second section called the Prophets. The idea that adulthood begins at 13 is based on an ancient concept of legal majority that has nothing to do with attaining adult status in the modern world. The ceremony signifies the arrival at the age of ritual and moral responsibility where, for example, they can be called upon to read aloud from the sacred scripture at synagogue services. It is a rite of passage to maturity. Minyan The quorum of ten required for a prayer service in the synagogue. Septuagint The Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, made in Alexandria in Hellenistic times. The Jewish community of Alexandria in Egypt adopted Greek culture and by the early 3 century BCE,
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