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Dhikr: remembering gods name chanted in the Sufi devotional exercises sometimes while devotees dance in a circle. It is held before dawn or evening prayers. It consists of the repetition of Allahs name or the shahadah. This practice distinguishes the Sufis from other forms of Muslim. It is a highly emotional ritual that stirs devotees into a state of frenzy. In other forms of Sufism it is silent and an inward prayer of the heart Hadith: the body of texts reporting Muhammads words and example, taken by the Muslims as a foundation for conduct and doctrine; it is an individual unit of literature. They have to go back to an eyewitness of the event. It is through chains of oral transmission. Important context of the Sunnah because it is the direction expression of the prophets opinions or judgements regarding community conduct. It is to ascertain the authenticity of a particular text by establishing the completeness of the chain of its transmission and veracity of its transmitters. It must be accompanied by its chain of transmission beginning with compiler or last transmitter and going back to the prophet. Hajj: the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. It is the fifth Islamic pillar and it was instituted by Abraham at gods command after he and his son Ishmael were ordered to build the Kabah. It is re-enacting the experiences of Abraham whom the Quraan declares to be the father of the prophets and the first true Muslim. The pilgrims change theithclothing into simple white clothes therefore there is no class distinctions. It happens in the 12
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