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David Perley

Chapter 4: Christian Traditions pg 166-185 Origins-Jesus Childhood home was in Nazareth; tiny jewish village in Greek-speaking northern area called Galilee His public years begin with his baptism by John the Baptist; he sees the heavens open and holy spirit descending like a dove o Interprets this mystical vision as call to prophecy or ministry he retreats into the wilderness on a spiritual retreat o Satan offers many temptations all of which he refuses On return from retreat jesus goes to Capernaum where Mary is o No reason for leaving Nazareth, may have had something to do with the death of his father, Joseph o Attends a synagogue where he reads the Torah; passage speaks of a time when the lame will walk the blind will see; he declares this prophecy is now fulfilled Jesus recruits 12 male disciplines most are fishermen Travels Carpernaum working miracles and teaching how to apply Jewish law to everyday life, and telling parables, many which point to impending apocalypse that will lead to new era of peace and righteousness calls Kingdom of God When he goes to Jerusalem wdisciples for holy days around Passover, accuses money changers of cheating rate charged to exchange GreekRoman coins for required Hebrew coins to make offerings o On Sunday before Passover fulfills another prophecy by riding into town on a donkey o Few days later praying in garden in Jerusalem, arrested by roman soldiers and servants of temple priests o Taken 1 before the Sanhedrin and then before Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, Jesus accused of perverting the people and claiming to be king of the Jews o Paraded thru streets of Jerusalem to place of execution, hill called Gogotha, nailed to a cross and left to die o Morning following the Sabbath women go to the tomb and found it empty In 1 account an angel tells women that God raised him from the dead In other accounts he appears to the disciplines himself Jesus called himself son of man; in Aramaic this was the term for human but also one of the terms used in Hebrew literature to refer to agent of God who will usher in new era of justice & righteousness o son of man is not synonym for messiah but has similar connotations, Christians saw him as long-awaited messiah o Greek term christos used as synonym for messiah so became known as Jesus the Christ The Gospels and Jesus In Marks account, a Roman solider standing by Jesus who is taking final breath says truly this was a son of God o Fitting that Mark attributes this comment to roman soldier instead of Jesus follower; Christian movement grew beyond its origins as Jewish sect win generation of his death his followers decided the message wasnt just for Jews and that anyone can become Christian in the accounts of Jesus life he performs miracles 3 centuries later when Christianity became established religion of Roman Empire, church leaders made list of the writings they acknowledged as scripture o that standard list, or canon, of books and letters became known as the New Testament o includes the gospels attributed to 4 of Jesus disciples: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Mark o Marks account is simplest, shortest and likely the earliest of the four canonical gospels Starts with Jesus birth and beginning of his mature ministry after his baptism by John the Baptist After 40 day retreat, he launches his ministry in Galilee proclaiming kingdom of god is at ahnd Violates the Sabbath law by picking grain and healing on the day of rest When challenged he takes notion of Jewish legal authority into his own hands, declaring the Sabbath is made for people rather than people for the Sabbath It is in response to this arrogance, Mark suggests, that the Pharisees conspired to do away with him
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