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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Give four examples of how sports may be connected to religionSports can be connected to religion using the following four examples 1 the cult status of the football heroes 2 the veneration of the teams 3 the sacredness of football grounds 4 Mysticism and magic associated with the game Explain the religious meaning of fire in two different rituals1 Boys haircutIn this ritual the older man is symbolically cutting the little boys hair by candlelight The light from the fire illuminates the older mans face and gives him a godlike appearance Thus the fire can symbolically represent how the faith of the boy rests in the hands of the old man showing various power imbalances that can be associated with the fire2 Chand RaatIn this ritual fire is lighted by torches in a way of celebration life and happiness The participants illuminate the night and the light from the fire represents the excitement inside of them 3 RiotsRiots are considered ritual actions as a group participates to take a stand on something meaningful to them Contrastingly in this the fire lighted on the torches represents darkness and anger and contributes the message and purpose of the riot They use fire as a way of voicing their violence and their rebellion oHinduism fire is one of the 5 scared elements of which all living creatures are comprised and is considered eternaloChristianity fire is a symbol of Holy Ghost and signifies Hell What is syncretism and why is it a problem for the world religions approachSyncretism is the merging of elements between different religion which causes hybridity and changes in religions Over time every religion has been subject to syncretism at some point in timeThe world religions approach breaks down the concept of religion into discrete bounded and distinct religions Christianity Buddhism and making sense of them of the vast range of religious practicesSyncretism poses a problem for the world religions approach because the world religions approach suggests that all religions are generally unchanged throughout time and remain identical Syncretism suggests that all religions are changed thus disproving the theory of world religions It is impossible to study world religions as they are because each is changed over timeAs well the world religions approach also assumes that there are no variations and changes within specific religionsthereby understanding the basics of any religion will define that religion Syncretism poses a problem for this aspect because it suggests that religions vary depending on location and context as well one religion is not the same on different geographical areas in the map For example Islam is not practiced the same in Saudi Arabia as it is in Canada How might a sacred text be considered both religious and nonreligiousA theory discussed in class by James Cox says that religion involves anything to do with nonfalsifiable realities Sacred text can be considered religious because it usually discusses something to do with a 1 higher power or godlike figure 2 or morality This sort of text is nonfalsifiable because you cannot prove it does not exist therefore in terms of James Coxs definition sacred text can be religiousSacred text can be considered nonreligious because of some of the falsifiable information in the texts 1 Commandments and some 2 can be considered nonreligious For example in a sacred text that promotes violence against violence or an eye for an eye theory can be considered nonreligious because it is known that violence is considered wrong and retribution is against some laws in societyUsing James Coxs definition explain how something can be both religious and nonreligiousJames Coxs definition says that anything is religious that is a nonfalsifiable reality this means something that cannot be proven right or wrong In this case if something has an element of something that cannot be proven wrong for example a text talking about god it can be considered religious because it cannot be proven that it does not exist In the same way the same object can be proven not religious if it has elements of being proven falsifiable For example a sacred text that promotes or talks about violence can be nonreligious because it promotes something known in society as wrong and corruptible Another example can be from the Red Willows story which encourages consumption of bear meat but in reality eating a lot of it can be very unhealthy Looking at the context can make something religious or nonreligiousGive two examples showing how the Internet may be helping to cause religious hybridity and change
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