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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

THEORISTIDEASJames CliffordJames Clifford discusses the theory about cultural hybridity as well as religious syncretism He claims that culture has a fluid hybridity because it is about mixing up different elements and defining a particular way of life Much of this hybridity is expressed through cultural products like book art music etc Syncretism is the fusion of religious beliefs and practices we can see that there is a fusion between culture and religion all around the world An example of culture being fused with religion is by looking at the Christian religion many cultures have adopted Christianity and there are distinct differences in the ways each culture practices the religion Examples could be Japanese African and American Christians each culture practices Christianity differently than one another The problem that arises when we discuss syncretism is the fact that people over generalized things in class we looked at pictures of Christianity being practiced in different cultures The way we have been programmed in the society causes us to jump to the point about things we tend to associate with each other both stereotypically and ethnically We cannot distinctly determine what religious belief the person is practicing because we tend to associate each person with a kind of religion For example if you look at an Asian person wearing a robe in a praying
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