RLGA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Yajurveda, Atharvaveda, Samaveda

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11 Jun 2011

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Hindutva means hinduness and is a term that has gained political currency in recent years. Bharata is the modern name for india and originates from king bharata in the story. In this story the pandavas and kauravas (groups who are cousins) battle each other led by krsna (pandavas). Karma means action but indicates a system of cause and effect that spans several lifetimes. Human beings receive rewards or punishments based on the merits or demerits of their behaviour. The system has its own rules and hierarchy which are very complex. This theory is significant as it implies continuing rebirths (samsara) and has become an idea of life that has been adopted by many non-hindus. Samsara is the endless cycle of suffering caused by birth, death and rebirth (i. e. reincarnation. This theory states that at the time of death one"s karmic balance is inherited by the next life of that person.

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